Friday, October 24, 2014

The Truth About Rocky Ridge Trucks!

With Rocky Ridge Trucks now doing more promotional events, and thus bringing the awareness of the new lifted truck market onto the consumer radar.  I wanted to let consumers know the new lifted truck market picture as it relates to Rocky Ridge Trucks.  In terms of brand lifted truck upfitters, (upfitters are the companies that actually install the lift, and cosmetic components to the vehicles)  Rocky Ridge would be close to the top.  Because of the overall lack of consumer awareness of the new lifted truck market, and the upfitters/products that make up the market.  Rocky Ridge's overall new truck market penetration is miniscule.  They will retail approximately 3,600 units this year, and the overall new truck sales in the US is on track to hit over 1.8M units.  The awareness problem with the new lifted truck market I covered in my previous blog post, The New Lifted Truck Market's Obscurity Problem Visualized

The largest new lifted truck upfitter in the country is DSI, or Dealer Services International with approximately 1,700 dealers in their network.  DSI is a division of TransAmerican Auto Parts, and instead of having one location that manufactures the vehicle upfit.  DSI uses it's 70 or so 4Wheel Parts locations to perform the installs on the vehicles.  DSI also supplies Rocky Ridge with the components that they use to do their upfits.  With some components Rocky Ridge re-badges them as their own brand.

At Conversions For Sale, in addition to our vehicle listing platforms, we also own/operate .  The website is a consumer resource website about the new lifted truck market.  We've amassed all the new lifted truck upfitters, and their product offerings for consumers to browse in one location.  After announcing the site to the upfitters, and at absolutely no cost to them.  Rocky Ridge was the only upfitter that declined to participate, and was removed from the site.  Their reason for declining is unknown, however what we know is that our position of informing and educating consumers about the new lifted truck market is part of our mission.  Due to the awareness issue, our concern is consumers potentially being misinformed about the market.  Our position is that, whether you're considering a new Ford, GM, Ram, or any other truck manufacture and are considering a new lifted truck.  That you're aware of your options when it comes to upfitters, and their products.

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