Monday, March 12, 2012

A Rebirth Of The Conversion Van Market

I've been engrossing myself in the conversion market, and at the same time watching what's going on in the auto industry.  What I see happening in the immediate future is a rebirth of the conversion market.  With conversion companies expanding their products to the truck/SUV market, in many cases for survival because of the clobbering of the full size conversion van market.  With manufacturers getting out of the full size van market, the writing was clearly on the wall.  The silver lining, is that manufacturers are developing, and have smaller more efficient vehicles to replace their full size van market.  I've come across two companies that are now converting the Nissan NV into conversion vans.  With the announcement of Ford last week of putting the Eco-Boost engine in the Transit, that was the confirmation I was waiting to hear, it validates my theory.  Now, in order for this rebirth to occur, conversion manufacturers need to see this also.  It's going to be very big!  Those that don't see it, will not be prepared for it, and will suffer.

I firmly believe that will be the nucleus that pushes this rebirth.  Let's face it, conversion companies don't have billion dollar ad budgets like vehicle manufacturers.  In order for a revolutionary rebirth to occur, there has to be a platform that gets their products out to the masses.  If you're in sales, and your closing percentage is 10% of the customers you talk to.  You need to talk to 10 to sell 1, and if your goal is 20, you need to talk to 200 people.  Using that same percentage, and you're a conversion company that wants to double their sales.  You have to double your audience you have now, that's how you'll get those increased numbers.

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