Friday, June 29, 2012

Hand Slapped For Being Too Persistant?

    I've worked for an RV dealership, boat dealership, and an auto dealership in sales and as an Internet Manager.  One of the biggest things that managers would drill into our heads, especially at those beloved sales meetings, was follow-up.  Always, always be following up with the customer, we would be told, follow up until they "buy or die!"  Not in a literal sense on the dieing part, however until you know that they are no longer in the market for whatever your trying to sell them.  Someone would always ask the Manager, "what happens if they say I'm bugging them? or harassing them?"  The managers response would be, "You let me know if they complain, and I'll personally talk to them, however you will never be in trouble if that happens.  It means that you're doing your job, it's sales 101!"
      A few weeks ago I was taken a back by a response that I received from a company's President:  "You are driving us CRAZY!  You are calling our sales people, calling _____, emailing me and just plain bothering us"
      I was surprised, and wondered did I really do something wrong?  Is there such a thing as being too persistent?   I don't think so, especially when your intent is to genuinely provide a service that helps their business increase opportunities.  Am I being too persistent because I really want to cause a headache for you?  Maybe I'm being persistent because I know what the impact of what I'm doing is going to have on your business.  It can be either negative or positive, and I make no apologies whatsoever for the impact it has on anyone's business.  It could be that I'm seeing visitors coming to my site looking for your product, and your competitors product.  It could be that I'm also seeing the many "sold's" that are on my site that are your competitors product.   Buyers are looking, and whoever is providing them with the information they seek, will get their business.

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