Thursday, April 19, 2012

If I were boss for the day!

     One of the most common things employees do is say is a some type of variation of  , "If I were boss for the day".  They usually will go into their ideal scenario of how things should be at work, whether it be their job duties, pay, benefits, or a decision that someone higher up made positive or negative.  I've done it before, and listened as other have.
      Now, as being a business owner of, and anticipating bringing on employees very soon.  I think of that same statement, I've heard many times when I was an employee.  I have to say that there's a switch that happens when you go from being an employee, to a business owner/potential employer.  You look at things differently, and you now have an awesome responsibility to have others livelihoods dependent on you.  You have a clean slate to work with, and you can do anything you want with it.  When I think about the fact that I'm going to be the boss.  What things am I going to do that I believe are important to an employee.  As the leader of the business, for your employees, everything reflects directly back on you!  Particularly in a small business, it's easy to see how things get mucked up in large corporations.  Knowing, that my choices/decisions are reflecting back to me.  I have to first look at me, and really look at who I am.  I am a genuine person who cares about people, and  I refuse to stay on the surface.  Everyone has things unique about them, and I want to know those things.  I've worked for superficial bosses/companies before, and it's a miserable place to work.  I'm not that guy!  So, here's what I've come up with for being the boss:

The most important thing to me as a owner, is I absolutely REFUSE to have my employees being the "working poor"!  It's not gonna happen!  I will not allow it to happen!

I was offered health insurance at one of my employers.  Family plan monthly premium that I had to pay, $900.  Yeah, that's rent, and utilities money!  I will pay all my employees premiums for health insurance, again my commitment to not having employees being the working poor.  In addition, I will put additional money into an account to pay their co-pays for visits/prescriptions.  That's for anyone covered under their plan.

Screw this work for a year, get a year vacation stuff.  Employees get a week vacation after six months, and a second week at their one year anniversary.

Minimum pay:  The least amount of pay that I will pay any employee, is $35k per year.  In addition, every employee is eligible for bonuses.

Grant Cardone said in a seminar, "It's not a job, it's your life!"  That statement resonates with me.

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